Demo Information

The SCA is proud of its educational background and is always willing to share its knowledge of the middle ages. If you are a teacher from an educational institution or non-profit organization looking to enlist the help of our group for educational purposes you can make your request using the simple procedure outlined below. Please note that we are an educational group and not a theatrical one like "Medieval Times" and therefore do not perform but inform by the use of live demonstrations of the martial arts such as fencing, heavy weapons, thrown weapons or archery along with the arts and sciences practiced in a specific time era.

Requests for help should be made well in advance and we suggest at least three to five months of the known date.

To make a request for an educational demo or help please follow these steps:

  1. Contact us via the email addresses listed on the Officers page for either the Demo Coordinator, Castellan or Seneschal.
  2. State your name & contact information.
  3. State the name of your school or organization & the location of where you would like this to happen.
  4. State the date and time that you would like this to happen.
  5. State the purpose of the request. For example tell us if it is for a history class or fundraiser.
  6. Wait for return contact on whether or not we can help.

After supplying this information your request can then be brought up before our group and a representative will contact you there after. All requests are discussed and approved by our group members at our monthly meetings which are held the first Tuesday of the month. Requests received after this date will not be discussed until the following meeting month. Requests for assistance must be renewed yearly if an on going thing.