Final Baronial Champions AS 58

Here begins the Court Report of Their Excellencies of the Rhydderich Hael, Magnus d’Lyons Baron, and Thalia Papillon Baroness, at Their Champs Event July 23, A.S. 58, in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Dame Eleanore Godwin, Recording Herald, with the assistance of Dame Zofia Kowalewska.

Opening of Court: Lady Siobhan Readnait was called forward as Archery Champion . She thanked Their Excellencies for allowing her to serve as their champion, and returned the regalia of the Champion. Their Excellencies thanked her for her service and gave a token of appreciation from their hands. Court was suspended. Activities began.

Court was opened and Lady Logan Latta d’Kent was called forward as she had business with Their Excellencies as outgoing Bardic Champion. She read a Haiku she had written for Their Excellecies in Their honor called “Butterfly and Lion” (a reference to the heraldry of each). She gave them a calligraphed copy of her Haiku. Their Excellencies thanked her. Court was suspended for activities to resume. Court was opened to continue business. Her Excellency Thalia requested all who participated in the day’s tourneys to present themselves before her to receive a personal token from her hand. She thanked them for their willingness to participate in the day’s activities. Vivants were cheered.

The current champion of Thrown Weapons Tadeusz was called to thank him for his service, and Their Excellencies received the regalia of Thrown Weapons from him. Third place winner was announced as Eby, second place was Abdullah al Rashid, and the new Champion was announced as Baron Caleb Reynolds. He received the regalia, scroll was one of his blanks from when he was Baron, calligraphed by Dame Zosia.

The current champion of Arts and Sciences Meuric Ap Gwillim was called to return the regalia of the Champion , he was thanked for his service. He also passed a new piece of regalia, a glass stein to use at bardic circles donated by Master Rhian. The new Champion Lady Genevieve O’Connor was called forward to receive the regalia of the Champion. Archery Championship had many participates. Third place was Baron Caleb Reynolds, second was Daniel of Blackthorn, and Champion is THL Abdullah al Rashid. He received the regalia and joined the Champions behind the thrones.

Bardic Champion Lady Logan Latta d’Kent was called forward . Since there was no one who was ready to become champion, she was asked to stay on as Bardic Champion until such time as there could be a competition to determine her successor. She agreed. Baron Magnus spoke to the populace about the 7 Pearls event happening in August in Thescorre with Baroness Thalia. Also announced that there are many Known World Baronial competitions happening at Pennsic, and to compete where possible. Court of Their Excellencies was closed.