Heraldry and Orders

Arms of the Barony & Canton

Baronial Arms

Per pale vert and sable, a dragon rampant within a laurel wreath Or.

Canton Arms

Bendy wavy azure and argent, a griffin within a laurel wreath Or, a bordure sable.

Orders of the Rhydderich Hael

VOID Badge

Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon (VOID)

Counter-ermine, a base argent, overall a dragon segreant Or

For Extraordinary Service

Null Badge

Noble Union of Lords and Ladies (NULL)

Vert, a foi* bendwise couped Or. ( *foi: a pair of hands clasped in friendship.)

For Extraordinary Courtesy

Bee Badge

Order of the Golden Bee

Per pale vert and sable, a bee Or.

For Excellent Arts and Sciences

Order of the Dragon’s Combatant

For Martial Skills

Order of Dragon’s Concordium

Newcomer Enthusiasm

Order of the Tangled Rose

Continued Service

Order of the Golden Scale badge
Badge subject to College of Heralds Review

The Hounds of Hael

recognizes excellence in the Baronial archery community.

Youth Service Order (to be named)


Companion of the Portcullis

for a single act of service to the Barony, above and beyond all expectations.

Baronial Order for Creative Engineering Solutions (BOCES)

for engineering “skills” in times of great need.