Summer’s End 2018

Summer’s End, the 22nd day of September in the 53rd year of the Society in the Canton of Beau Fleuve

An account of the court of Magnus and Miriel, Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc, held at the Summer’s End, the 22nd day of September in the 53rd year of the Society in the Canton of Beau Fleuve. Reported by THLady Zofia Kowalewska, Ice Dragon Pursuivant with the assistance of deputy Lady Siobhan Readnait, Lady Siometta d’Alfassi, Lord Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd and Willa of Loch Soilleir.

Court was opened on the Thrown Weapons range with much jubilation.

THL Ren Finnemore and Master Antonio de Luna were named newest Companions of the Dragons Scale as they were more than Friends but FAMILY to the Hael for so long.

Lady Thalia Papillon was then sought out on the Heavy Lists as the MOL. For the length of the Baronial Champions challenge she once again proved her might was named Iron Man winner having competed in the most events. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

Court was suspended and moved inside and reopened in the main hall.

Lord Fearghus mac Eoin was called forward from the kitchen and asked to stand as the Baronial Chivalry Champion. Scroll by Mistress Liadain ni Chleirigh na Coille.

Court was suspended.

Even Court Resumed and their Excellencies thanked the populace for attending and hoped all had a wonderful time.

Lady Thalia Papillon was called forward as Autocrat and thanked her staff: Feya, Lady Simonetta d’Alfassi, Wentliana Verch Meuric (Mina), Meuric ap Gwillim, Lord Chebe, Lady Natsu, Kaido and Layla.

THLord Cynwulf Rendell and THLady Eleanore Godwin had Hael Hound business. THLady Zofia Kowalewska and Sarafina de Lucca were made Hounds and presented with the badges.

Baron Caleb had old business to attend to. As a reminder to those in the Canton, please review and sign the alternate arms for the Canton petition. Also, the Pixie Treasure needed to be divided up after their defeat. Those which received “gold” were Lady Thalia, Feya, Lady Simonetta, Lord Abdul and his Excellency Baron Magnus.

Lady Fiona Margaret asked for a brief moment to thank the Barony and the Kingdom for welcoming her back after a long time away.

THLady Eleanore Godwin was called in to be added to the List of the Order of the Golden Bee to be celebrated for her skills in the Arts and for her Service to the Society to promote the growth of the Arts & Sciences. Scroll by THLady Zofia Kowalewska.

Then Lady Natsu and Lord Chebe were called in from the kitchen (again) and named to the Order of the Dragon’s Concordium as they are Awesome. Scrolls by Minamoto Ruku-i Sakurako.

Kyen Ashe and Layla al-Ghudariyyah were also called and added to the Order of the Dragon’s Concordium. Kyen for his quiet service to the Barony especially at Pennsic (Scroll by Mistress Juliana Rosalia Dolce da Siena and THL Padraig O’Branduibh) and Layla for her tireless service to the MOL and Barony.

The Order was still missing one. Lady Thalia Papillon was added to the Order of the Dragon’s Concordium since she has leapt into multiple activities include siege, archery, thrown weapons, fencing, Arts & Science and event staffing. Scroll by Baroness Ekaterina Volkova.

THL Cynwulf Rendell was then summoned. His service to the Barony and Kingdom as been long and needed to be recognized. For his years of service, he was added to the Venerable Order of the Ice Dragon (VOID). Scroll by Lord Rhys Penbras ap Dafydd.

In breaking with tradition, not one person would be named the Queen Anne winner. Instead, the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael and the Canton of Beau Fleuve was named For enduring hardship as a populace and continuing to support the Barony and participate in activities.

Several Tournaments were held and victors to be named.

The Heavy Weapons tournament winner was Duke Marcus Eisenwald. Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds. A Second Place Prize was awarded to Maximilian.

The Fencing Tournament winner was Don Behrend von Elmendorf – Scroll by THLady Zofia Kowalewska.

The Thrown Weapons Tournament winner was Master Juan Miguel Cezar – Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds. In the Vikings vs Pirates, the Vikings were victorious!

The Archery Tournament winner was Brian Wypij- Scroll by THLady Brigette de Sainte Mere-Église.

Master Juan Miguel Cezar then asked for but a moment of time in court. At the last Scarlet Guard Inn event, Baron Magnus gave up his chance and arrows to win to his Lady Thalia could complete the challenge. In thanks, Master Juan Miguel presented his Excellency with an Iron Tassel.

Being the final tournament, there were two winners named. Lord Chebe was declared victor in the general category and Master Caleb Reynolds won the Scroll Blanks portion. Prizes crafted by Master Benedict Fergus atte Mede

Being no further Business, Court was closed.