Bardic and A&S Champions AS57

An account of the court of Padraig and Juliana, Baron and Baroness of the Rhydderich Hael in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc held at Fight Practice on the 22nd day of June in the 57rd year of the Society in the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael. Reported by Dame Zofia Kowalewska, stand in Herald.

Their Excellencies Juliana & Padraig of Rhydderich Hael, welcomed all attending. The Bardic competition was first of the night.  Baron Brother Bobby, current Bardic champion, welcomed sole competitor Lady Logan Latta de Kent who provided a spectacular Japanese tale of brothers and family loyalty.  

Their Excellencies shifted to Arts and Sciences with the outgoing Champion Baron Rhion Elandris of Glyndyfrdwy and had each of the competitors introduce themselves and provide a brief introduction into their submission.  

Needing a moment to examine the entries, court was suspended. 

On return, their Excellencies announced that Lady Logan Latta de Kent as the new Bardic Champion  The regalia was exchanged and Baron Brother Bobby was released.  (Scroll by Cacht ingen Ui Cheithernaig and the Hael Scribal Guild). 

In the Arts and Sciences, Brother Meuric ap Gwillim was announced as the new Arts and Sciences Champion for his research and execution of Hide Glue.    Again the regalia was exchanged but Baron Rhion had further words.  He presented the new Champion a glass mug with instructions to return home and Celebrate their hard work with their libation of choice.   Baron Rhion further asked that a new tradition begin to pass that cup or another onto the next Champion to Celebrate their endeavors ( Scroll by Baron Caleb Reynolds)

Being no further Business, court was closed.